About Us


Neo-Image® Candlelight was founded as a family business in 1976 by two brothers working in the restaurant industry. Focus was placed on manufacturing candles to the foodservice market consisting of restaurants and hotels.  What began as a part-time business model soon flourished into a full-time candle manufacturing operation.  Within several years the company developed a very strong market presence  and began to branch out into the consumer market with it own brands and under other well know private label brands. Growth continued over the next 3 decades with customers across North America and Europe.  The range of candle lighting products available to customers operating in the Foodservice industry, cover a wide range of uses, functions and designs. ThermoGlow™ Chafing Fuel, LiquidGlow™ Cartridges, Yummi® Solid Wax Candles & an assortment of Candle Lamp designs help complete and offer a full service solution for any dining establishment.


Today Neo-Image® is the largest Canadian candle company manufacturing for both commercial (food service) and consumer markets. The company employs full-time skilled staff at both administrative and technical levels and commands the largest range of candle production equipment in Canada. Careful succession planning has equipped the company for continued growth in the markets we serve. A transition of operations and administrative responsibilities has been completed as the 2nd generation of this 100% family business has assumed operational control.


We use a wide range of production methods to serve all levels of our markets. All of our business activities including design, marketing,

production, QA, compliance testing and distribution are conducted and controlled from our Mississauga operation.

We use various methods of candle production to make our products. We utilize technologically advance and highly specialized equipment to ensure efficiency, quality and safety.

Our product range includes but not exclusive to:
1. Dipping for taper and religious candles.
2. Molten wax pouring for filled vessels, pillars, votives and tealights.
3. Compression for tealights, votives, pillars, sphere candles and floating candles.
4. Extrusion for formal and utility candles.
5. Liquid pouring for oil cartridges and reed diffusers.


Our creative team is constantly updating and creating new products for our own brands and for our private label customers. We manage the entire process from conception to production all within our facility. On going trend analysis and forecasting plays a central role to this process. Whether you are looking for something to be made to your specifications or looking for someone to create a program for your market from an idea, you can expect the use of our 35+ years of experience in the market to support your needs.

Liquid Paraffin Production

Wax Filling Line

Tealight Candle Production